August 25, 2017

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Ulos Ragi Hotang - bridal couple wishes

The dominant cultural groups of North Sumatra are the various Batak ethnic groups whose textiles are commonly referred to as Ulos, which litteraly means 'blanket', that warms the body and protect it from exposure to cold air.

Many different kind of ulos, and one of the special one is Ulos Ragi Hotang (means 'rattan pattern'). It is traditionally placed around the shoulders of a bridal couple expressing the wish that their union will be as strong as rattan.

A beautiful & old Ulos Ragi Hotang example below is finished with particularly beautiful bonds of ornamentation at the ends.

Ulos Ragi Hotang were gifted to a bridal couple (called as ulos Hela) as a sign that the bride parents have approved the groom as their son-in-law ('Hela'). This giving is always accompanied  by the mandar Hela (son-in-law sarong) as symbol that he should not behave anymore like a single man, but rather as a parent. 


Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar