June 25, 2023

Welcome to Kuppu!

We specialise in Indonesian Batik & Tenun Ikat handbags that combined with quality genuine Italian leather. We'd proudly present the beauty of Central Java Batik, Balinese Tenun Ikat, Tenun Gedog Tuban and Tenun Ikat East Nusatenggara crafted in each Kuppu bag only for you!

Beautiful handwoven Sekomandi ikat from West Sulawesi

This beautiful natural-dyed Sekomandi cotton ikat comes from Kalumpang (Mamuju), West Sulawesi Indonesia. Sekomandi itself means a close and strong family ties.

Sekomandi ikat from West Sulawesi IndonesiaKalumpang has various archaeological remains - often referred to as the early centre of trade on Sulawesi island. Sekomandi woven motifs and patterns are believed to be one of the oldest motifs in the world.


Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar