About Kuppu

Kuppu was inspired by Kupu-Kupu (Butterly), a  beautiful creature with amazing colours stunned us when we were kids in Jakarta. Unfortunately, nowadays it's hardly to find them due to modern city development.

Batik and Tenun are the traditional textiles of Indonesian culture,with various beautiful designs,motifs and colours. They have rich symbolism related to social status, local community, nature, history and cultural heritage.

With time, in modern Indonesia, the numbers of weavers are decreasing as they face commercial challenges on the extensive work of producing Batik or Tenun Ikat (it may takes months or even years to weave a piece of the Tenun or Batik!) and also face competition from factory-made textile.  An increase appreciation among Indonesian to Batik/Tenun may contribute to the preservation of the heritage.

Kuppu wishes that through the beautiful piece of our Handbags, will bring Indonesian heritage closer to your heart everyday. We use handmade of Batik/Tenun to appreciate the traditional art and the artist that made them, and as possible natural-dyed colours in our collection as it is more environmental friendly.They are combined with high quality genuine leather, and Indonesian artisans are sewing the pieces together to be a beautiful handbag for you!

 We hope that you love our collections :-)


Contact us if you need further info:

Email: kuppu.batiktenun@gmail.com

Laura mobile ph: +628119103668

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