March 15, 2021

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We specialise in Indonesian Batik & Tenun Ikat handbags that combined with quality genuine Italian leather. We'd proudly present the beauty of Central Java Batik, Balinese Tenun Ikat, Tenun Gedog Tuban and Tenun Ikat East Nusatenggara crafted in each Kuppu bag only for you!

Timorese ikat in Bibi Kuuf motifs

Such a beauty Timorese ikat! ❤️
This natural-dyed ikat are from Timor, East Nusatenggara, Indonesia.

In Sanbet village, the motifs called Bibi Kuuf, means goat hooves, which actually refers to the deer footprints when they hunt.

in other village Bokong, this motifs called One Balle, referring to bee-hive.

This motives are rarely found in the market as only few weaver than make them.


Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar