January 24, 2018

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We specialise in Indonesian Batik & Tenun Ikat handbags that combined with quality genuine Italian leather. We'd proudly present the beauty of Central Java Batik, Balinese Tenun Ikat, Tenun Gedog Tuban and Tenun Ikat East Nusatenggara crafted in each Kuppu bag only for you!

"Panji Lori" in Batik Tenun Gedog Tuban

Did you know that the motif "Panji Lori" in Tuban gedog batik weaving symbolizes rice (food)?

This motif has a noble philosophy as a powerful reminder that we nurture the nature and the soil in which we grow food that serves as the main pillar of human life. The motives of "Panji-Panji" in antiquity were only owned by nobles, but now can be owned by various social circles.

Tuban is located on the north coast of East Java, Indonesia. The culture of batik making in Tuban is very unique, called gedog batik or gedog woven. They planted their own cotton trees, spun them into yarn, weave them into woven fabrics, and then write them in beautiful motifs. Historically, batik Tuban gedog is influenced by 3 main cultures: Javanese, Islam and Chinese.

Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar