August 17, 2017

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Oei Khing Liem, the Maestro of Indo-Chinese Pekalongan Batik

The Indo-Chinese commune was famous for providing the best or the most favorite things of their late relatives along with the burial procession, making countless most exquisite batik vanished from our sight. Aside from the fact mentioned, the clothes that left intact are still the most delicate and beautiful inheritance from the golden era of hand-drawn batik.

One of the Indo-Chinese batik maestros is Oei Khing Liem, who starts his workshop around 1910’s.

His striking handiworks are not only filled by stunning motifs and colors, but also the writing of “M.D.E. van Zuylen” beside his own signature. This can be means that some of the design/model were come from van Zuylen’s.[1]

Some interesting fact are, the living and working quarter of Oei Khing Liem in Residentsweg in Pekalongan lies exactly behind the land owned by Lies van Zuylen. Through this relation, Oei offers the right to use Zuylen’s autograph (stamp) in his work to her ancestor, though no source can confirm whether they accepted this offer or not.[2] Oei Khing Liem was recorded to take some batik order from the Japanese as they occupied Indonesia throughout the World War II, creating the well-known Java Hokokai batik.


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[2] “…seorang pengusaha Tionghoa bernama Oei King Liem menawarkan uang sebanyak 60 ribu gulden untuk memperoleh hak untuk memakai tanda tangan dari mendiang E.V. Zuylen…” dari website resmi kota Pekalongan 

disarikan dari sumber: Dirhamsyah, Ensiklopedia Tokoh Pekalongan, Pekalongan, Kantor Perpustakaan dan Arsip Daerah Kota Pekalongan: 2015

“Van de patronen van Eliza Charlotta van Zuylenen os bekend dat ze in Chinese handen vielen die zestigduizend gulden bode nom de handtekening van mevrouw van Zuylen te mogen gebruiken.”

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Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar