October 20, 2015

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We specialise in Indonesian Batik & Tenun Ikat handbags that combined with quality genuine Italian leather. We'd proudly present the beauty of Central Java Batik, Balinese Tenun Ikat, Tenun Gedog Tuban and Tenun Ikat East Nusatenggara crafted in each Kuppu bag only for you!

Adorable antique Batik Kopitutung

Batik Kopitutung or sometimes called Batik Koptung, are antique and rare collection, as they were made estimated during 1910-1930.

They're so beautiful and the motifs can be categorised as Tiga Negri, however they have beautiful unique brown colour that was produced only during the time and therefore highly valued by batik collectors. This unique brown colour was actually driven the naming "Kopitutung", which means "kopi gosong".

Batik Kopitutung originated from Solo, Lasem and Pekalongan - all in central Java - places that known have special colour for red (Lasem), Solo (brown), Pekalongan (blue). The handmade of Batik Kopitutung took around 8 months to produce a piece of, and all colours were from naturals.

Tjoa Giok Tjiam, the first generation of the famous Tjoa family that produced Tiga Negri Batik in Solo, also found to be one of the artist of Batik Kopitutung. 

Tjoa Giok Tjam's Batik Kopitutung ca.1920

Unfortunately not much literature can be found about the adorable batik Kopitutung.


Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar