April 30, 2014

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We specialise in Indonesian Batik & Tenun Ikat handbags that combined with quality genuine Italian leather. We'd proudly present the beauty of Central Java Batik, Balinese Tenun Ikat, Tenun Gedog Tuban and Tenun Ikat East Nusatenggara crafted in each Kuppu bag only for you!

NTT Tenun Ikat & Oscar Lawalata

I always amazed with people that have deep passion for his country and heritage. Oscar Lawalata, famous Indonesian fashion designer is one of them. His love to NTT (East Nusatenggara) Tenun Ikat makes him dedicating more than ten years of his life to do research, create motifs, and teach weaver community in NTT (East Nusatenggara) innovations on weaving technique, motifs and colouring.

He's personally involved in trainings to improve skills of the weaver, which mainly women, and the quality and quantity of Tenun Ikat production.

Thanks to Oscar, NTT Tenun Ikat successfully introduced to European market, and perceived as having high economic value compared to branded fashion.  It is therefore help to improve the NTT weaver standard of living in a way. 

I've been trying to find his book called "Langkah Kain Nusa Tenggara Timur" ... will share with you more once I got them. Bravo Oscar Lawalata!


pics: Oscar's in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

Ira Tazar
Ira Tazar